2 x 2 Matrix

It is a matrix very easy to fill, it is only necessary paragraph 2 to get direct and from all modes, only 2 direct, if it receives more direct help to its placing a continuation, and therefore to make a great team.

You Only Have to Take Care of Your Business That They Are 6 Participants of Your Matrix, IF EVERYONE takes care of your child 6 Lifetime Insurance YOUR Weekly Income

LEVEL 1: 2 x 0.06btc
= 0.12btc - 0.12btc (Update Level 2)

LEVEL 2: 4 x 0.12btc
= 0.48btc
= Gain 0.48btc per week


Let's work together on the team

Take Care of Your Profits, Donate So Quickly Receive YOUR FIRST 2 Donations !!
AS soon As You Receive Enough is All NIEVELS Step The Next Level, Do It IMMEDIATELY !!!

In Level 1 Update After the 2 First Donations

In Level 2 Update After the 2 First Donations


Remember that if you want to keep the money for yourself, you can end up losing the biggest payments you have made to your position, location, and system. You CAN delete it, lose the payments that you have made and the position


How does it work

How FoundsExpress Works. To join, you only need to request a link for your registration and immediately make your first donation of 0.06 Btc of your first level to your Sponsor for a week, to be able to receive your first two donations from your first downline.
When you receive the first two donations, total 0.12 you must upgrade to the second level by donating 0.12 to your 2nd ascending line, and so on, being a 2x2 matrix you only need 6 people downline, but you must help To your second line of 4 people to also do the same as you, that each one bring their two, and thus you receive 4 donations of 0.12, making a total of 0.48 Btc, and thus close your cycle, now you must renew all The weeks those donations that you have activated, so as to have a permanent of weekly money. This process keeps expanding and helps you earn enough money in a convenient way.
By joining our worldwide network you get to share and improve the lives of others in a convenient and effective way.
So we make FoundsExpress an accessible and reliable platform for everyone, giving them a better future with great hopes and more freedom!
Do you want to make a difference? Join now and help make that happen
 FoundsExpress was born from other similar systems, only that very complicated by how long the large arrays are where it is convenient to flow people continuously, here is the same must have flow of people, but being shorter the matrix can get more benefits quickly.
No waiting for confirmation.
No waiting for transactions
There are no more fake transactions.

After setting up your matrix you only have to renew your membership weekly to get those gains every 7 days.
Work to make your dreams come true! Live and fly high, like the Eagles,
Make happy the people you love and those most in need, make them smile.
Do not leave it for tomorrow, do it TODAY!

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